Flash Ease T/R (60 tabs)
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Flash Ease T/R (60 tabs)

( Nature's Sunshine )

Balances hormone levels.
•Contains phytoestrogens.
•Supports the mature female all day long with timed-release nutrition. 

Flash-Ease [Glandular] contains black cohosh, a popular herb native to the West. It is widely known for supporting the mature woman’s body as she encounters normal glandular challenges and physical changes. In fact, women have used it for decades to help “keep cool” during menopause.

Flash-Ease is a potent, time-release version of this trusted herb. It is standardized to a 2.5 percent concentration of triterpene glycosides (the key active constituent). Flash-Ease also includes dong quai, a noted Chinese herb, to further support the glandular system.
Each tablet contains a highly concentrated extract that provides 80 mg of black cohosh.

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