Chondroitin (60 caps)
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Chondroitin (60 caps)

( Nature's Sunshine )

Chondroitin [Structural] helps bond connective tissue to maintain strength and inhibits enzymes that can deplete cartilage nutrition. (Cartilage functions to protect bones from moving against each other and to reduce friction.)
Chondroitin helps retain moisture in the joints, allowing for flexibility and resiliency, and cushioning against activities like jumping and lifting.

In addition, chondroitin works with other nutrients like glucosamine to stimulate the rebuilding and maintenance of cartilage.
The body produces chondroitin, but that production decreases as we grow older.
Chondroitin is found in foods, but usually only in small amounts. Fortunately, the body absorbs chondroitin well, making supplementation a viable alternative.
Each capsule contains 300 mg of chondroitin

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