Anti-Gas TCM Conc.(30 caps)
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Anti-Gas TCM Conc.(30 caps)

( Nature's Sunshine )


•Helps detoxify the body
•Supports the digestive, intestinal and urinary systems.
Anti-Gas TCM Concentrate, Chinese [Digestive, Intestinal] contains the same 15 herbs found in Chinese Anti-Gas but in a highly concentrated blend. It is considered “earth-reducing” in Chinese herbology.
Its Chinese name xiao dao can be translated as “clear the congestion.” This formula supports both the digestive and detoxifying functions of the body, including the urinary system.
Key herbs in this formula include gastrodia, agastache, crataegus and hoelen. Under Chinese philosophy, this formula is designed to move energy (chi) to the head and support the natural elimination of excess moisture and toxins.
Anti-Gas contains:
Agastache tops
Crataegus fruit
Hoelen sclerotium
Magnolia bark
Oryza fruit
Shen-chu whole plant
Citrus peel
Gastrodia rhizome
Panax ginseng root
Typhonium rhizome
Atractylodes rhizome
Cardamon fruit
Platycodon root
Ginger rhizome
Licorice root

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