Lymphatic System

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All Cell Detox (100 cap)

Cleanses the colon, liver and kidneys. Aids digestion. Promotes the absorption of nutrients.
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FV (100 caps)

Description: FV [Digestive, Immune] combination nutritionally supports the digestive, immune and lymph systems.
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Herbal Pumpkin (100)

It supports the intestinal system. Promotes a balanced microbiological environment. Helps lubricate and cleanse the colon.
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IF-C Chinese (100)

Helps Supports the body's natural process for muscle pain and inflamation relief following excercise and massage. Nourishes the structural and immune systems. Helps in the normal elimination of toxic metabolic waste.
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Lymphatic Cleaner, tonsils, adenoids, polyps, ear and eye congestion, swellings in spleen, arms, ankles, fingers, abdomen, boils, cysts, acne, gout. (Oregon Grape, Blue Flag, Marshmallow, Stillingia, Mullein).
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Licorice Root ATC Conc

Benefits • Supports the adrenal glands. • Provides lymphatic energy. • Supports the liver and proper sugar balance.
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Lymph Gland Cleanse (100 caps)

Benefits • Supplies nutrients that help support glandular function. • May promote better immunity.
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Lymphatic Drainage (2 fl. oz.)

Benefits • Supports the lymphatic, circulatory and immune systems. • Helps the body maintain a healthy network of internal vessels. • Helps remove cellular waste from the body.
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Lymphomax® (100 caps)

Lymphomax® [Immune] is an all-herbal formula designed to meet the nutritional needs of the body’s lymphatic system.
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Red Clover Blend

Bad Cells, blood cleanser, tumors, lymphatic, skin disorders, kidneys. (Red Clover, Greasewood, Buchu).
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Ultimate Echinecea (2 oz)

Echinacea, Ultimate [Immune] combines the synergistic benefits of the three most popular echinacea species into a powerful immune system combination.
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VS-C Chinese (100)

Supports the immune system. Fights off biological stressors. Nourishes the liver.
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