God has a plan and as our lives are yielded to Him, His plan becomes our blessings, often even before we ask.  “And it shall come to pass, that before they call I will answer. . .”  Isaiah 65:24

Over 48 years ago, as my wife and I embarked on a new mission field to open a new church in Springfield, Ohio, God had an even broader mission outreach.  Eleven years later our ministry became not only one of winning souls, but also of educating and helping mankind in caring for the physical body.

With the commission of  Romans 12:1, we realized we needed  to reach deeper into the Bible and start our lifetime journey into the study of the human body and   pursue the necessary degrees and licensing which would give us the privilege to reach into the lives of many spiritually and physically weak and ill people.

For the past 35 years, we have been your Herbalist Educators,  with our business located in the heart of the Ohio Valley at Springfield, Ohio, where we have counseled, taught classes, held regular herbal meetings, and scheduled daily appointments with folks, both locally and nationwide.  Watch for our editorials in local newspapers,  as well as our local TV programs.  Drop in and meet our staff, all of whom are well versed in herbs and their values.  They will welcome you with outstretched arms.  We’re waiting to be a part of your life so that we can all enjoy a happier, healthier life’s journey together.

Because of Calvary,
Dr. Miesse


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